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Do you own a business in Lethbridge that has recently been approached by the Clearly Lethbridge ( team?  Are you wondering if Clearly Lethbridge is a wise investment for your company?  Do you have questions about the differences between sites like Clearly Lethbridge - and Lethbridge Link -  Are you wondering what type of an impact Clearly Lethbridge - has on Search ranking?

If you're answering yes to any of these questions then you could probably stand to spend and hour with a consultant to assist you in spending your technology-based advertising dollars in the best place.  That's why 4CAST Business Solutions was formed, because hundreds of Lethbridge businesses struggle day in and day out to determine where a good place is to spend their money on the web. 

Although one of the solutions we provide is online marketing, it is our mission to help companies to bridge the gap between their business and technology.  So before you sign up to spend hundreds of dollars a month take the first hundred and spend and hour talking to us about which direction is the best one for your company to go.  We'll look at what your advertising goals are (ie. branding, direct result, etc), who your target audience is, what are you trying to sell or promote, and what would you consider a good return on your investment; all in an effort to build the most suitable online marketing strategy for you and your company.
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